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Application Development

ALTECiSyS develop high quality business applications that help you increase operational efficiency and sustain your competitive advantage. We use agile methods to quickly build high quality business applications for standard technology platforms like Microsoft® .NET and open source. Our tools, processes and best practices streamline development and apply automation and accelerators that increase the productivity and quality of software development.

ALTECiSyS offer full Lifecycle Application Development services starting from requirements assurance to application definition, application design and pilot run and from application building and testing to implementation/roll-out and support. Our matured Quality Management System create a solid foundation for delivering world class Application Development Lifecycle services.

ALTECiSyS’s Application Development practice operates with the philosophy of partnering with the customer to maximize their applications ROI. The practice leverages our product engineering heritage to build cutting-edge applications to meet customer's changing business requirements.

Every business is a blend of processes that must work in tandem for overall success. With companies getting larger and more fragmented in a distributed business space, the glue that binds them is information. Hence, Information systems that underlie each process must all "talk" to each other seamlessly to achieve the business goals. To optimize the functional efficiency, ALTECiSyS enables companies to effectively synchronize processes and information systems.

Enterprise Application and System Integration (EASI) is the integration of an organization's business processes, information systems to facilitate seamless delivery of service within and to the various stovepipe application components and helps create consolidated enterprise information and reporting environment. We believe that EASI is a solution-driven, process-based approach to identify and validate business and technical needs for integration and utilizing products compliant with the relevant technologies to realize an integration infrastructure.

The World Wide Web technology of the Internet was developed as a means to publish and distribute vast amounts of related information's in an easy-to-use, effective and efficient way. With Internet/Intranet and e-business virtually setting the agenda for business, it has become critical to integrate an organization's business processes and information systems for effective results. A complex mix of internal and external forces of change has hastened the need to integrate the information systems and ensure that information is not trapped in vertical silos.

Knowledge Management is the answer to a company's need to share employees' knowledge and information throughout the company in a secure and efficient method. Utilizing the same technologies as the Internet, employees will browse their way to the right information quickly and without interrupting anyone to help them find the information. Benefits of Knowledge and Document Management include Increased Efficiency and Employee Motivation, Increased Customer Satisfaction, Reduced Paper, Reduced Costs and Pre-empt Competition.

ALTECiSyS develops Enterprise Information Portals/ Dynamic Web Sites with protected site administration facility by employing state-of-the-art Internet technologies.

We develop exclusive, versatile and secure Intranets that help you automate business processes, re-deploy client / server solutions, disseminate information, facilitate a collaborative knowledge sharing culture and increase employee satisfaction.

We also design and develop Extranets for you, which help extend your integrated enterprise to your customers and vendors through a comprehensive Supply-chain process.

Customer Relationship Management is a set of technologies focusing on improving and automating the business processes associated with all customer related functions of an organization. CRM services include casting CRM strategies to redesigning customer related processes to technical implementation of CRM systems. Supply Chain Management services help customers evolve the overall Supply Chain strategy, devolve performance goals into requirements.

ALTECiSyS provides inputs in the functional areas of Sales, Marketing and Service, using state of the art technology. We provide complete CRM / SCM solutions that meet your business requirements. B2B creations that support commercial transactions including business-to-business, and business-to-consumer, storefronts and provide all the functionality associated with it, from design to back-end development, to security.

We design and develop customized solutions, which are suited to client specific needs. The same solutions can be utilized for other clients with minimal modifications to meet their requirements. ALTECiSyS develops the most effective embedded system applications, which interact, accept and produce data and information input from other external electronic devices through USB Port and COM Port, and produce dynamic PDF document output.

ALTECiSyS develop user engaging and highly interactive websites with seamless audio visual effects and captivating user experience while ensuring smooth access and navigation to relevant information. We design and develop your websites using latest tools and technologies and they are fully compatible with mobiles and tablets. This will facilitate pulling potential and new customers to your business and converting them to buy your products or services.

SEO experts at ALTECiSyS use On-site and Off-site optimization tactics to give better rankings and better visibility for your page or website. Our experts follow certain rules, standards and quality parameters in building a better user friendly website. We work on competitor analysis, keyword analysis, search engine tracking and land page optimization techniques to give you the best results.

ALTECiSyS gives a lot of importance on how search-engine friendly your website is. The process involves:

  • Pre-optimization study
  • Site architecture study
  • Site architecture modifications.
  • Technology changes.
  • Site's content suggestions
  • Site's responsiveness enhancement.
  • Site's user experience enhancement.
  • Redirections and submissions.
  • Monitoring

We design and develop user-friendly and robust B2B, B2C portals and portals for Matrimonial, Community, Classifieds, Travel, Job or Real Estate. These portals are fully interactive and dynamic those are connected to online databases having Admin Panels to maintain and manage information on these portals.

ALTECiSyS has a Content Management System - Agile eCMS that helps you in updating the content of the web-portal or website. From basic things like adding pictures, editing text to more complex things like html editing through backend or managing various other modules of the website, can all be managed easily though our customized content management system - Agile eCMS.

Our Agile eCMS fits any requirement and it is flexible enough to be up-scaled anytime to be in sync with the future requirements of your websites / portals. Besides managing and publishing web-content with ease, using ALTECiSyS’s customized AeCMS has the following advantages:

  • Saves Money - Eliminates the need of hiring a Content Manager to update and publish the web-content.
  • Saves Time - The content is updated immediately for you to see and make further amendments.
  • Keeps website up to date - You can keep the website updated all the time with the help of Agile eCMS.
  • Ease of Access - As it’s a web based tool so you can use it on any browser and it also does not require any special software to be installed on your computer system.

The following is a list of the basic reasons why organizations implement data warehousing. This list was put together because too much of the data warehousing literature confuses "next order" benefits with these basic reasons. For example, spend a little time reading data warehouse trade material and you will read about using a data warehouse to "convert data into business intelligence", "make management decision making based on facts not intuition", "get closer to the customers", and the seemingly ubiquitously used phrase "gain competitive advantage". In probably 99% of the data warehousing implementations, data warehousing is only one step out of many in the long road toward the ultimate goal of accomplishing these highfalutin objectives.

The basic reason organizations implement data warehouses is to perform server/disk bound tasks associated with querying and reporting on servers/disks not used by transaction processing systems.

ALTECiSyS handles Engineering Solutions through a multi-faceted team of skilled engineers who apply their experience in design, automation, engineering analysis and product development that meets customer requirements across the engineering and manufacturing industries.

Based on a combination of engineering knowledge, software skills, and industrial experience, we offer engineering services in CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM and Customization.

ALTECiSyS is capable of handling the following services:

  • Photogrammetry applications.
  • Mapping (Both conventional digital).
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) Application.
  • Image Processing of the Digital Datasets.
  • Interpretation.

Legacy systems are the information resources currently available to the organization. They include existing mainframes, personal computers, serial terminals, networks, databases, operating systems, application programs and all other forms of hardware and software that a company may own. Typically they are, like most legacies, of great value to the organization, and for this reason, it is not viable to replace an entire system, when changing the programs on runs on it.

ALTECiSyS can convert your legacy applications into high end applications that will fulfill your new and enhanced requirements. We provide maintenance and support to your existing applications and for the applications developed by us.

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