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Business Intelligence

We can plan, design and conduct specialized enterprise-wide training for you, suited to all levels of your organization. Depending on your enterprise's requirements, our industry-certified faculty and technicians offer in-depth, hands on user-orientation and training.

Most Software Solutions being developed by ALTECiSyS involve integrated, hidden, complex Business Rules called as Business Intelligence (BI), which requires User Training for deploying, configuring and using them particularly ad hoc queries and MIS reports for decision making.

To help you keep up with change, ALTECiSyS offers the following Training Services:

Standard BI User Training is used to demonstrate the features and functionality of the application to the users through lecture and practical exercises with demonstration data.

Custom BI User Training is conducted for more than 100 users with detailed learning objectives.

The combination of Standard BI and Custom BI User Training is used to demonstrate Business Rules and Functions with real-time data in the environment configured specifically for the organization.

In the last few years, the use of multimedia in instructional documentation has really taken off. Improvements in video and animation tools make it easier for technical writers to deliver information visually to an audience that, more and more often prefers not to read.

Our training solutions implements a unique, proven learning framework that promotes the effective use of latest technologies and tools that delivers world-class training to our Global customers.

We develop multimedia presentations for you by performing the following:

  • Planning your Training
  • Developing Content for Training
  • Creating your e-learning deliverable
  • Testing your deliverable
  • Delivering your training

We offer flexible training plans so that your employees can be trained at their convenience. Our expert trainers ensure that your employees are well versed with Technology and processes they are dealing with.

Enhance your employee productivity and business performance by using our flexible training programs that offers the following:

  • Flexibility to meet changing business requirements
  • Training aligned to business objectives
  • On-site / Off –site Training
  • Increased employee and organizational productivity

Our Corporate Training provides a broad range of IT Training programs for Technical and non-technical staff. These Training programs focus on providing the necessary training to train your employees and consultants, so that they are equipped with the right expertise to meet and excel your Organizational goals.

Using our tailored programs, your employees can become more productive by focusing on enhancing mission critical skills:

  • Reduced time-to-competency
  • Flexibility to accommodate varied employee learning styles
  • Easy access to the best content
  • More effective training with less effort

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