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Mobile Applications

ALTECiSyS Mobility services include mobile consulting, mobile analytics, mobile applications, mobile websites and enterprise mobile integration services. ALTECiSyS Mobility Services deliver the mobile solutions that prepare our clients and their customers to meet the demands and grab the opportunities that mobility presents.

ALTECiSyS offer full Lifecycle Application Development services starting from requirements assurance to application definition, application design and pilot run and from application building and testing to implementation/roll-out and support. Our matured Quality Management System create a solid foundation for delivering world class Application Development Lifecycle services.

ALTECiSyS’s Application Development practice operates with the philosophy of partnering with the customer to maximize their applications ROI. The practice leverages our product engineering heritage to build cutting-edge applications to meet customer's changing business requirements.

ALTECiSyS Mobility services include mobile consulting, mobile analytics, mobile applications, mobile websites and enterprise mobile integration services. ALTECiSyS Mobility Services deliver the mobile solutions that prepare our clients and their customers to meet the demands and grab the opportunities that mobility presents.

ALTECiSyS mobility services enable our clients to achieve organizational values through the following benefits:

  • Delivering industry-standard centralized outsourcing services for mobile environments.
  • Focusing on enabling legacy, primary system interfaces on latest device technology.
  • securing the user, applications and data, not just the device, with user authentication and biometric solutions, mobile application management technology and data isolation.
  • Re-engineering standardized IT infrastructure from a less secure to a tiered, agile and mobile environment.

We provide the following mobility services:

  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Mobile Sites.
  • Mobile Applications

ALTECiSyS offer comprehensive mobility services that address mobility needs from the perspective of business processes, infrastructure, applications and the end-users. With ALTECiSyS mobility services organizations can simplify enterprise mobility with an integrated end to end mobile services designed to make business, employees and customers more effective by enabling businesses for:

  • Communication – a mobile workforce can communicate from anywhere at anytime.
  • Customer Interaction - enhance your customer's experience by engaging them in ways never before possible with push marketing, interactive tools, GPS, and social media.
  • Process Improvement – remove delays with enterprise mobile architecture.
  • Offline Capability - when workers are in remote or secured locations they can continue to work with native mobile app features.
  • New Tools - with mobile features such as GPS, Instant Messaging, mobile video conferencing and targeted push methods your critical business tasks gets done anywhere, anytime.
  • Empowerment – empower staff with proprietary company mobile applications from your private Application Market.
  • Convenience – your staff and your customers are not tied to a desk.
  • New Technology – the interactive nature of touch-technology makes your systems more adoptable, engaging and takes advantage of psychological predisposition.
  • BYOD – embrace employee mobile technology with “Bring Your Own Device” system management.
  • MAM – mobile application management gives you full control over your company's mobile systems.

ALTECiSyS provide Mobile analytics services include Real-time data collection and reporting, advanced ad-hoc filters/segmentation/cohorts, with multiple reporting dimensions. We provide insights about user actions inside your mobile application and helps improve your product. If customers find an app valuable, they will keep using it - retention.

The most powerful and useful set of mobile metrics to focus on is volume, demographics and the buying patterns of your audience. Once you know these parameters about your visitors, you can work on optimizing your website accordingly.

You will get the following feature benefits with ALTECiSyS mobile analytics services:

  • Data collection for mobile channels - Collect comprehensive data for your mobile websites and apps on all major operating systems.
  • Mobile app dashboards and reports - Get complete customer metrics delivered in easy-to-use reports, including custom mobile dashboards, so you can measure mobile app engagement, conversion, and loyalty.
  • Mobile engagement analysis - Understand user engagement within your mobile app, website, or video, including how frequently consumers launch the channel, whether they make purchases from it, and more.
  • Mobile campaign analysis - Quantify the effectiveness of mobile-specific campaigns such as SMS, mobile search ads, mobile display ads, and QR codes. Cross-channel analysis - Get consistent measurement and analysis of your mobile channels in context across all digital channels — including web, social, and email.
  • Advanced segmentation - Segment mobile data in real time, define advanced visitor segmentation rules, and view geo-location reports so you can better understand the behavior of your mobile audience.

ALTECiSyS optimizes your website for the mobile and highlight the most commonly searched for information so that customers have quick access to what they're looking for. Our mobile optimized sites are commonly preferred by customers because we make a browsing experience faster and less painful.

Your mobile website develop by ALTECiSyS can boost your company’s sales and attract new clients. It enhances user experience and makes it easy for customers to locate and contact you. We design and develop professionally designed mobile sites that present a customer friendly, innovative image and packs powerful business and sales features.

We use the best and newest technologies on the market for all aspects of your mobile website. At ALTECiSyS, we design and develop mobile website with the following options:

  • Websites with responsive design - one URL to serve the same HTML to both mobile and desktop devices but using CSS to alter the page rendering according to the device.
  • Dynamic serving sites - one URL that serves different HTML and CSS depending on the user agent.
  • Separate mobile URLs - every desktop URL would have an equivalent mobile-optimized URL; for example, and m.

ALTECiSyS offer Mobile Application Development services that represent cost-effective and high-quality mobile application development and integration services we provide to our customers. These mobile application development services take advantage of advanced technologies and security built-in approaches designed to ensure continuity, high performance, and ease of maintenance.

At ALTECiSyS we develop mobile applications on iOS, Android, and Win8. Our mobile application development methodology includes:

  • Mobile Strategy
  • Mobile Design
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Application QA Market Place Deployment
  • Market Place Deployment

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