Documents Archiving and Tracking software in Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Document Archiving and Tracking

Agile eDocument Archiving and Tracking System is an enterprise-level system that facilitates maintaining, tracking, movement, archiving and recovery of documents, files and boxes in a multi-location, multi-warehouse, multi-branch, and multi-department corporate environment.

The Document Archiving module manages documents, photos, videos and drawings for any company in a corporate intranet environment. It facilitates a shared platform for the executive staff to work with common documents, photos, videos and drawings. These files are centrally managed using a common database and file system folders on the company’s corporate intranet environment.

Multiple branch locations can be defined with geographical information on Continent, Country, Region and City. Warehouses can be independently defined at any location and Branches can be associated with one or more warehouses.

Branches can have one or more departments. Multi-user security module is provided with individual users associated with their respective branch and departments.Various types of Boxes and Files can be defined; Sequence Numbers for Files and Boxes are auto generated and user defined Document Number can be associated with Documents. Unique Barcode Numbers are assigned to Files and Boxes for easy identification. Archiving, Recovery, and Movement of Files and Boxes between departments and branches can be tracked with barcode. Information on Files and Boxes in transit is maintained. Extensive search feature is integrated to facilitate finding of quick information on documents, files and boxes for their status and location.

Archiving of Files and Boxes in one or more warehouses is provided seamlessly. Shelve types can be defined and information on Shelves can be maintained and shelved Files and Boxes can be tracked with Shelve Name, Row No and Column Names. Recovery of archived files with extensive search feature is provided. Various reports can be generated based on Files and Boxes in transit, movement of Files and Boxes, Inventory of Documents, Files and Boxes Archived, Summary and Detailed information on Documents, Files and Boxes.

  • Web-based Document Tracking System
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Multi-Branch
  • Multi-Department
  • Multi-Location with Continents, Countries, Regions and Cities
  • Multi-User
  • User-friendly interface
  • Categories for Files and Boxes
  • Barcode on Files and Boxes
  • Auto Sequence Numbers for Files and Boxes
  • Documents Scanning
  • Documents Archiving
  • Document Filing
  • Box Filing
  • Shelve Naming
  • Shelve Filing
  • Search for Documents, Files and Boxes
  • File and Box movement between Departments
  • File and Box movement between Branches
  • Archiving of Files and Boxes to Warehouse
  • Status on Files and Documents In-Transit
  • Recover Files and Boxes from Warehouse
  • Support for Auto transactions with Barcode and Manual Transactions
  • Reports on Movement, Inventory, Summary and Details of Documents, Files and Boxes
  • Box Master
  • File Master
  • Document Master
  • Document Filing
  • Document Explorer
  • Box Filing
  • Shelve Filing
  • Transfer In
  • Transfer Out
  • Archive Documents
  • Archive Files and Boxes
  • Recover
  • Search
  • Email Forward Document
  • Continent
  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Company Profile
  • Warehouse
  • Branches
  • Departments
  • Shelve Types
  • Shelves
  • Box Types
  • File Types
  • Box Sequence
  • File Sequence
  • Document Sequence
  • Shelve Sequence
  • Update License
Admin / Reports
  • Roles
  • Privileges
  • New User
  • Users Logs
  • Change Password
  • Database Backup
  • Database Restore
  • Transit
  • Movement
  • Document Details
  • File Details
  • Box Details
  • Archive Report
Scheduled database backup tool is provided to facilitate automatic database backups which can be used to restore database in case of hardware or software failures.
Document Filing and Document Explorer tools are provided to easily and quickly navigate to the required documents and view them instantly.

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