Modern Telecom Services, Telecommunication projects in Hyderabad, Telangana, India


ALTECiSyS offers Telecom services by providing planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of radio system and penetrating the increasingly complex issues facing modern telecom systems.

At ALTECiSyS, our engineering team of Network Designers integrates your internal and external network needs to provide a complete process driven network solution. We understand the importance of each part that forms the whole telecom system, and hence we provide customized service at each step of telecom for FTTx, RF, 3G and 4G tailored to your specific telecom needs.

ALTECiSyS provides the following Telecom services to your organization:

  • RF Capacity Analysis
  • Capacity planning, cell blocking analysis,traffic projections, busy hour parameters
  • RF Network Design
  • RF Interference Analysis
  • RF Link-Budget Analysis
  • Optical Fiber Transmission
  • Optical Fiber Laying
  • FTTx
  • Installations, commissioning and integration of 3G/4G

ALTECiSyS Telecom services provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Exploits latest and evolving technology features such as new waveforms
  • Planning optimal networks keeping in view their dynamic demand on performance in operational world
  • Make technology work with your budget with year over year planned growth in interference, QOS, coverage & capacity and smooth migration in later phases
  • Manage existing network infrastructure and plan for future evolution on the same with simultaneous multi-technology performance modeling

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