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Support Services

ALTECiSyS’ ICT technical support services include research and evaluation, market intelligence for planning, design and capacity management, proof of concept and pilot engineering, specialist technical expertise for your operations and problem management, creation of documentation for the operational documentation and known errors database. We provide different levels of technical support as per the ITIL standards: primary support level, secondary support level and tertiary support level, higher-level administrators being responsible for support at primary level.

ALTECiSyS provides world-class L1 Tech product support services, helping to troubleshoot and resolve product technical problems quickly, thereby improving service levels and attaining higher customer satisfaction. Engaging custom designed and or commercial platforms and tools, ALTECiSyS offers predictive and proactive ticket resolution while driving process innovation. These Network Security Product Support Services are delivered cohesively, leveraging multiple channels such as voice, e-mail, chat, and web-based support, covering the entire product life cycle around the clock. Building customer loyalty by swiftly troubleshooting and resolving problems is the key to our differentiated services.

ALTECiSyS - Software Service Life Cycle as per the ITIL standards

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