Video Analytics Services in Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Video Analytics

ALTECiSyS offers totally scalable and highly reliable video analytics having analytical algorithms that bring significant benefits in both live-monitored and incident review operations across 24/7. We provide high performance cameras and transmitters allow for multiple analytics filters to be run on the same camera.

Our consultants apply their extensive field experience to maximize the value customers derive at all phases of video analytics deployment. In the initial stage, they verify the validity of video analytics for your site.

When it comes to implementation and customization, our expert engineers compose the system to achieve your specific environment needs, continuous monitoring and ongoing process improvement.

    ALTECiSyS' Video Analytics services provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Identification of patterns and trends through advanced video analytics for a rapid security response
  • Provides situational awareness by analyzing objects on screen for effective and easy decision support
  • Reduces complexity and supports scalability by integrating with other systems
  • Congestion Detection is used to detect a build-up of congestion in an area of interest
  • Motion detection can be used to detect unauthorized entry in restricted zones
  • Abandoned Object Detection is used for alarm generation when an object has been left in a busy place
  • With a virtual tripwire set alongside a railway station, building, parking zone, an alert is generated when that tripwire is breached
  • Museum mode can be used to detect theft of static objects.
  • Counter Flow is available to detect a person or vehicle moving in an unauthorized direction
  • Hooded Camera can be used to detect when a camera's view has been obscured.

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