Biometric Time Attendance Management System, agile attendance software in Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Biometric Time and Attendance


Agile eAttendance is a truly Agile, Powerful, Enterprise level, Web based, Open Ended and Secure user-friendly time and attendance management system. It is a multi-company, multi-user application that fully supports multiple biometric time and attendance devices connected over dispersed geographical locations within the enterprise network environment.

Agile eAttendance is a web based real-time biometric based Time and Attendance System which can be integrated with any ERP application like SAP to facilitate tracking and management of online time and attendance for employees and labors.

Employee Biometric Fingerprint information can be enrolled either through Device and downloaded to database or it can be enrolled directly from within the Agile eAttendance application or it can be enrolled with Mifare Cards that can store employee fingerprints information.

Information on Attendance machines can be maintained and machines can be accessed at real-time from within the application. Attendance Rules can be setup and employee shifts and schedules can be managed. Forget In/Out interface is provided to post missed entries. Import and Export tools are provided to import and export attendance details.

  • Manage Machines
  • Manage Users on Device
  • Manage Employees
  • Map Users with Employees
  • Download Users
  • Upload Users
  • Set Calendar
  • Manage Schedule
  • Download Users
  • Upload Users
  • Manage Attendance
  • Download Attendance
  • Forget IN/OUT
  • Set Attendance Policy
  • Set Attendance Rules
  • Import Attendance
  • Export Attendance
Admin Panel
  • Create Company
  • Update License
  • Profile
  • New / Edit Machine
  • Manage Machine
  • Roles
  • Privileges
  • Users
  • User Logs
Agile eAttendance
  • Enrollment with Software
  • Enrollment with Device
  • Enrollment with FP Card
  • Download Users Info & FP
  • Upload Users Info & FP
  • Delete Users and FP
  • Employee Status Update
  • Attendance Log Report
  • On-Duty Status
  • Employee Status
Sync Tools
  • Agile Data Sync
  • Data Backup
  • Data Sync Log View
  • Data Backup Log View
  • ERP Import
  • ERP Export
  • Import Log View
  • Export Log View
ERP Sync Tool is provided to import employees data from excel / text files generated from SAP / ERP application into the Agile eAttendance database on a periodic scheduled basis or on demand. Online attendance log can be exported to excel / text files that can be imported into the SAP / ERP application.
Agile Data Sync Tool is provided to download attendance data from biometric devices that are connected enterprise wide to the Agile eAttendance database on periodic scheduled basis or on demand.
Scheduled database backup tool is provided to facilitate automatic database backups which can be used to restore database in case of hardware or software failures.

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